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This is a place to record your life by hand. You can customize gifts for yourself, parents, children, friends, and even pets. Your customized gift is absolutely invaluable to them because it is unique in the world. What kind of gift can make people feel incredible and enthusiastic. Must be when people see another self。
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1 Prepare a clear front and full body photo, and give me a detailed description of the style you need.
2 I will give you a sample picture, communicate with me, and the sample can be modified repeatedly to avoid unnecessary disputes in the future.
3 After confirming that the sample is correct, it will be baked at a high temperature, and no modification can be made at this time.
4 production cycle is generally within a week, holidays and weekends.
If you have any questions, please contact me instagram @pandahappyed




Full Body

Full Body



The 15cm is a cartoon shape and is suitable as a car decoration.18cm is a common shape, the ratio of head to body is about 1:2.5
22cm is the perfect shape, the head body ratio is about 1:3.5
26cm is a photo style, the ratio of head to body is about 1:4.5
If you are looking for perfection, it is recommended to choose 22 cm and 26 cm. This is the golden ratio.

(26cm size is no longer on sale)

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